Road Rage Undermining Highway Safety -- Can't We All Just Get Along? just released the results of its third annual Road Rage Report, and to be sure it contains the usual number of amusing factoids – 13% of drivers, for example, resent having to share the road with bicycles. Yet an increase in highway shootings across the nation – including the swelling spate of vehicular violence in and around Chicago – tends to put a much darker spin on the topic.

And while police say many such shootings are ultimately the result of exchanges among known parties that begin elsewhere, a full 20% of those participating in the survey said they’ve felt “physically threatened” on the highway by another driver. Nearly half (48%) report being given “the finger” by someone in another car and a third (35%) have been yelled or cursed at. But it doesn’t end there, with 13% of respondents being accosted by enraged drivers who’ve exited their vehicles, and 9% actually getting into physical altercations with their fellow motorists.

As for public perception, 43% of the survey’s respondents called out New York City motorists for fomenting the “worst road rage,” followed by Los Angeles (30%), and Chicago (16%) as the three least-courteous cities in the U.S.

Those with a Hulk-like hair-trigger temper might want to call the moving company and head for bucolic Portland, Ore., which those surveyed chose as having the most courteous drivers in the nation, with Minneapolis, St. Paul coming in a close second. Must be the climate. Read more...

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07 Feb 2017

By Jim Gorzelany