Sapelo Island, Georgia: Finding Treasure On The Secret Coast

Leave the modern world, and all your cares on the dock when you board the Sapelo Island Ferry, and let the wind take them into the miles of marshland you pass, to be washed out to sea with the next tide. 

Wondering, where in the world is Sapelo Island, Georgia? You aren’t alone. This remote barrier island of Georgia welcomes day visitors, as well as a few overnight guests, but is mostly undeveloped. There is a small population of about 70 residents that live in a community called Hog Hammock, and the University of Georgia manages UGAMI, a Marine Institute on the island, but other than that, it is left for the shore birds and native wildlife. A perfect place to escape.

Although visitors won’t run into many people, what they will find are unspoiled beaches, dense maritime forests, miles of undisturbed salt-marsh land, a mansion from a by-gone era, and a community of slave decedents preserving an almost forgotten culture.

There is only one way to get to Sapelo Island. Take the Sapelo Island Ferry in Meridian, Ga. To take the ferry, make reservations in advance, there are a limited number of spots, and they can fill up.

Arrive early for the ferry, and plan to spend a little time at the Sapelo Island visitor’s center learning about the island and the Geechee Island people that live there, or take a walk through the maritime forest nature trail, it’s an easy 1.1 mile loop.


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05 Dec 2017