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You have to "have it bad" for motor scooters, according to one website dedicated to the Vespa brand. Vespa, in fact, may be the quintessential example of the scooter one visualizes when thinking of these personable, two-wheeled vehicles, perhaps reminded of "Toad" crashing his into Mel's Drive-In in the classic cruising film, "American Graffiti."

But that would be unfair to all owners and enthusiasts of motor scooters. The joy of scooter ownership extends to all those who love the open air ride, who have a great deal of self-confidence and don't feel threatened or intimidated by their bigger motorcycle brethren, and are comfortable with sharing the road with all the other traffic out there, including oversized SUVs and trucks pulling multiple trailers.

Today, however, perhaps the most relevant benefit offered by motor scooters is... Read full article...

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16 Sep 2016

By Pete Evanow