Suzuki Vitara RT-X Diesel 2016 review | road test

Suzuki's smaller SUV, the Vitara, has been off our radar for almost two decades, and we might generously suggest that it disappeared to give everyone else a chance to catch up. Except that that's not how ruthless car companies work; they'd rather eat each other's young, frankly.

This new Vitara is an aggressive re-entry attempt from Suzuki, costing just a bit more than a Swift and quite bit less than most of its competitors.

What's nice and shiny about the new Vitara is not just that it's got a new body, but it's now got a proper you-beaut diesel engine to go alongside theturbo petrols found across the range since the car's re-launch in September 2015.

Price and Features

The Vitara range kicks off at a startling $22,990 drive away for the RT-S 1.6-litre manual front-wheel drive. There are a few more options on the way up, including GL+, GLX and S Turbo, in various front and all-wheel drive guises, before hitting this top-of-the-range, twin-clutch diesel at $35,990 plus on-roads. Read more...

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14 Feb 2017

By Peter Anderson