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Honda Civic - Pragmatic performance: What you need to know about Honda’s fire-breathing Civic Type R

by Ronan Glon on

The Honda Civic Type R has legions of fans in both Europe and Japan, but Americans have always settled for admiring it from afar. That’s about to change. ... Read full article


by Grease Monkey on

THE MINI - CLASSIC BRITISH ICON: The Mini is a true classic British icon. The original design broke the mould and revolutionised the motor industry.... Read full article

Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay: Google and Apple battle for dashboard dominance

by Antuan Goodwin on

After a few months of on-the-road testing, I put Apple CarPlay and Android Auto head-to-head to see how they stack up.... Read full article

'Need for Speed: Payback' and the business of car crashes

by Timothy J. Seppala on

Or: How automakers dictate what happens to their cars in video games.... Read full article

Hartsfield-Jackson ridesharing rules take effect

by Dave Williams on

Passengers leaving Atlanta’s airport will be able to catch a ride from a Uber or Lyft driver starting Sunday under a city ordinance taking effect on New Year’s Day.... Read full article

Texting While Driving Permitted!?!! Where?

by Dylan Baddour on

Why Houston and Texas allow texting while driving... Really?... Read full article

Need a ride? 3 ridesharing and 2 taxi apps considered

by Jake Widman on

Ridesharing services are on smartphones and in the news. We look at Uber, Lyft and Sidecar -- and two alternatives.... Read full article

This Founder Conducted 2500 Ridesharing Trips to Research His Startup


In about 5 years, ridesharing has gone from a non-existent to a billion-dollar market, eclipsing taxis in most major markets.... Read full article

11 Radiators. 16 Cylinders. 1,500 Horses

by Ronan Glon on

How Bugatti built the monstrous Chiron... Read full article

Honda’s picture-perfect Urban EV concept car aims for 2019 production

by Darrell Etherington on

This new concept from Honda, the Urban EV, looks like something most automakers would show off as a distant vision of what cars might look like in five or ten years’ time.... Read full article