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Uber wins big in court after Miami driver denied unemployment benefits


Uber wins big in court after Miami driver denied unemployment benefits... Read full article

Are Motorcycle Police Drones Coming?

by Papa Wealey on

According to a CNN report, conceptual designer Charles Bombardier imagines a future with riderless police motorcycles chasing after us.... Read full article

How much do Uber Drivers make in Atlanta?

by I Drive with Uber on

The amount of money Uber drivers make across the United States is the subject of much debate. In this article, we try to get a sense of how much Uber drivers make per year operating in the Atlanta, Georgia region.... Read full article

Seven automotive trends to watch in 2017

by Steven Overly on

DETROIT — Just how old is that hooptie in your driveway?... Read full article

Tesla Autopilot not defective in fatal crash

by Peter Valdes-Dapena on

A fatal Tesla Model S crash in May was not the result of any defect in the car's Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded Thursday.... Read full article

Dash Cams Reviews: Don't Leave Home Without One.

by Jon L. Jacobi on

Dash cam reviews: What you need to catch the maniacs and meteors of daily driving. This is exactly what you need on the mean streets of modern life.... Read full article

Kymco Noodoe Brings Connectivity to Scooter World


Bringing the sort of connectivity features that are commonplace in cars to the scooter world presents some challenges. Trying to look down at a detailed map or manipulate a touchscreen while also keeping two hands on the bars could be seriously risky... Read full article



CES 2017 was packed full of autonomous, electric, and highly connected mobility solutions, but for something a little different, Digital Trends went to check out Corning’s glass-enabled concept car.... Read full article

Why this Dallas startup wants to bring a "buy now" button to SA car dealerships

by Kristen Mosbrucker on

A Dallas-based technology startup wants to bring a "buy now" button for car dealerships to San Antonio.... Read full article

BlackBerry shows new system to make cars brainier

by Chris Woodyard on

With automakers finding new ways to pack computers into cars, one of the leaders in automotive software has unveiled a way to consolidate them in a way that could mean cool new features for drivers.... Read full article