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SUVs are extremely popular in the United States right now. So popular, in fact, that Nissan may pull a model from its European lineup to augment its U.S. squad of utility vehicles.... Read full article

McDonald’s Drive-Thru Goes Digital

by Max Prince on

Idling in line while waiting for a Big Mac is so retro.... Read full article

Self-driving truck just hauled 51,744 cans of Budweiser on a Colorado highway

by Matt McFarland on

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, 51,744 cans of Budweiser received an escort worthy of a president.... Read full article

Uber Gets the Old Tuber with Decision

by Azeem Azhar on

Regulation stifles innovation. Regulations force entrepreneurs to kowtow to bureaucrats. Regulators are always and can only be bad for innovation and customers. Ayn Rand had it right. Or did she?... Read full article

Watch the Ford GT hit 125 mph standing still

by David Gluckman on

There's a lot going on with the new Ford GT. Like any good supercar, it has big demands for air, both in managing it to get up to speed and to take it in when needed to keep its engine and other drivetrain components cool.... Read full article

Tesla says it will roll out Uber-style ride services program

by Alexandria Sage on

Tesla Motors Inc. is planning to roll out a ride services program and will announce details next year, the luxury electric vehicle maker said on its website, a service first outlined by CEO Elon Musk in his master plan in July.... Read full article

Apple executives to decide fate of self-driving car by late 2017: Report

by Berkeley Lovelace Jr. on

Apple executives have given their secret car team, code-named Project Titan, until late 2017 to prove the feasibility of a self-driving vehicle and determine a final direction, according to a Bloomberg report Monday.... Read full article

Junkyard Accidentally Sells 2018 Jeep Wrangler Prototype Part to Enthusiast

by Max Prince on

After ordering online from a Detroit scrap lot, one forum user ended up with an early hands-on preview of next year’s hottest new car.... Read full article

Top 50 Automotive and Mechanics Blogs: The Best Industry Blogs on Auto Technology and Auto Repair

by Scott Lynch on

Whether you are a mechanic or a car enthusiast, there is a lot you can learn from your fellow mechanics, automotive repair professionals, and car lovers.... Read full article

The New Mercedes-AMG E63 Will Come With Drift Mode

by Will Sabel Courtney on

An unusual case of trickle-up techonomics.... Read full article