Tested on Track: The New, All-Wheel Drive 2018 BMW M5

Our cars have evolved passed the ideals we've ascribed to their predecessors. They're safer, but heavier. They stick better, but don't communicate as clearly. They're more powerful, but are chock full of electronics to keep us from killing ourselves. This is progress to most of the world. But to most of the world, we're weird. And so that progress comes at the expense of the characteristics we weirdos hold dear.

Such is the case with BMW's M Division products. Every new model is bigger and better and more than before, creating an endless cycle of chassis code bereavement. The E30 was the "best," followed up by the "bloated" E36, which, decades later, became an icon of lightweight simplicity. This phenomenon repeats until reaching its natural zenith—in this case, praise for the E90. Step away from the backward-looking hype cycle, and the fact remains that they're all pretty fantastic cars, with flaws great and small, just like the humans who designed and built them. Read more about the Tested on Track: The New...

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19 Mar 2018