The 20 Late-Model Cars Most Likely to Be Stolen, According to Insurance Claim Data

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has compiled a list of the late-model cars that are most likely to be stolen. Its Highway Loss Data Institute research arm (HLDI) records thefts of cars from the 2016–2018 model years in a list spun off "relative claim frequency"—not from the total number of thefts per vehicle. The problem with making lists like this is that bigger-selling vehicles would always tend to make up larger shares of reported thefts simply because there are more of them out in the world. To avoid that, the agency has created a method that calculates the more useful relative likelihood that a car might be stolen compared to the average frequency of thefts among all vehicles during the same time period. We've presented that likelihood here as the number of times more likely a car is to be stolen versus the national average. A few caveats: IIHS only reports on a car if the number of insurance claims for that model reach a certain threshold. So some models on this list are broken out into specific trims, while others are described more generally. Also, just because a car or truck doesn't make this list doesn't mean it's theft-proof or never stolen—it just isn't stolen frequently enough to crack the top 20. Swipe on to see which late-model cars are most likely to be grabbed out from under you. Read more about The 20 Late-Model Cars Most Likely to Be Stolen...

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04 Aug 2019