The 2018 BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo Is a 5-Series With That Big Perplexing Trunk

With the new 8-Series coupe on its way, BMW is making big changes to its 6-Series lineup. For 2018, BMW is adding this bulbous hatchback version of the 5-Series sedan to the lineup, calling it the 6-Series Gran Turismo. No, we don't really get it either.

This car is actually a replacement for the old 5-Series GT, which apparently sold well enough to justify a second generation. In case you forgot, the 5-series GT was based on the sedan, with a taller roofline that tumbled into a fastback liftgate.. The new 6-Series GT is a new generation of a similar concept, wearing a new name badge.

For 2018, the US will get a single version of this car: The six-cylinder, all-wheel drive 640i xDrive GT. Like the 540i xDrive, it's powered by a 3.0-liter straight-six that sends 335 hp to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. In the 5-Series, it's an excellent drivetrain, so we expect it to be stellar in the 6-Series. Read more about the 2018 BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo...

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19 Mar 2018