The 2019 Porsche GT3 RS Is the Most Track-Ready 911 Yet

When Andreas Preuninger, head of GT cars at Porsche, talks about the new 911 GT3 RS he mimes out the motions of steering a car with fingertips. Showing off the car in the cold and snowy north of Finland, Preuninger doesn't even really want to talk about the engine, quickly explaining its 20-hp increase before moving on. What gets him going on the new RS is the suspension.

Porsche Motorsport began development of the new 911 GT3 RS not long after it started working on the GT2 RS, and it shows. Spring rates have been upped from 45 Nm/mm front and 120 Nm/mm in the rear from the previous GT3 RS, to 100 Nm/mm and 160 Nm/mm in the front and rear, respectively. Ball joints with solid mountings replace traditional units with rubber bushings, just like on the GT2 RS too.

There are helper springs in the front and rear, along with new adaptive dampers and new manually adjustable sway bars, all set up with track duty in mind. As with all previous GT3 RSes, ride height, camber, caster, toe can be adjusted manually. Read more about the The 2019 Porsche GT3 RS...

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07 Mar 2018