The 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV Exists Because Rolls-Royce Wants to Continue to Exist

You may think this whole SUV thing is out of control, but the blasphemy inherent in these vehicles evaporates the moment a chief executive explains the rationale. When your customers' garages are packed with multiple vehicles and one of them is always an SUV, then why should that SUV not be a Porsche, a Lamborghini, or, in this case, a Rolls-Royce? Ever since the Porsche Cayenne, nearly every prestige brand to launch an SUV has seen that SUV become its best seller within months. Or second-best seller, behind its other SUV: see Porsche's Cayenne and Macan and Jaguar's F-Pace and E-Pace. It's hard to argue with making money gloved hand over gilded fist. Read more...

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12 Oct 2018