The Pros and Cons of Free Camping Spots

From parking lots to public land, driving a self-contained home enables you to choose a variety of inexpensive overnight accommodations. When you do it, just remember the trade-offs, like these pros and cons of free camping in different settings.

When your RV changes from a vacation vehicle to a full-time way of life, your perspective about where you park your home should change if you want to save money.

Many new full-time RVers have unreasonable expectations about parking spots, even if they’re only staying for a night. Not every campground is going to be a resort. Many won’t even have a decent picnic table to eat on. But if you’re a full-timer without unlimited financial resources, it’s smart to take advantage of free RV camping opportunities whenever possible.

Just be aware that like anything, parking on the cheap has advantages and disadvantages. Read more...

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