This Is Volkswagen's 150 Millionth Car

Volkswagen just built its 150 millionth vehicle, a hybrid Golf GTE made in its Wolfsburg plant. This is VW's main factory, where 44 million vehicles have been built, but the automaker's production numbers tell a lot more about our history.

Although Volkswagen was founded on May 28, 1937, series production of the Beetle—which started out as the KdF-Wagen–only began in 1945 once the war was over and the Wolfsburg factory was completed. Within ten years, one million vehicles left the assembly line, and the Beetle went on to become one of the most successful vehicles of all time. In total, 21.5 million original Beetles were built before production ended in Mexico in 2003. The Beetle remained the world's bestselling single model until it was overtaken by the Golf in June 2002. Read more about the Volkswagen's 150 Millionth Car...

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19 Mar 2018