Watch: Houston Police Looking for Drivers in Road Rage Brawl

A driving incident in Houston quickly turned into road rage as a woman confronted two men in a car and then things got physical.

Police investigators told KHOU that the incident began after one vehicle cut off another. When the vehicles were stopped at a light, a passenger inside a black truck got out and confronted two men in a white car. Video captured of the incident shows the men in the car arguing with the woman and a man in the truck. It appears that the passenger in the white car hit the woman with a drink and things quickly turned into a brawl.

Police are using the video to try to identify all parties involved and are focusing on a portion of the recording that shows the black truck slamming into the white car before pulling off. No one was seriously injured in the altercation, but the news station reports that the driver and passenger in the black truck could face a charge of failure to stop and give information. WATCH...

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