What You Need To Know Before Driving Off-Road

Four-wheel drive is actually a bit of a misleading term. You see, just because you have a 4WD vehicle, it doesn’t mean that when you’re stuck, four wheels will actually be moving and have grip. Four-wheel drive means that the power is split between the front and the rear differentials — which is where things become tricky.

When you go through a corner, your vehicle’s outside wheels will travel further than the inside wheels. A standard differential allows the wheels to move independently of one another by sending power to the path of least resistance. On pavement, this is a good thing, but when you’re axle deep in mud, or have one tire with slightly less grip than the other on a rocky climb, this just means that power goes to the tire with the least amount of grip — which is less than ideal. So essentially when you need it most, 4WD as we know it really only powers two wheels; one front, and one rear. Read more about the What You Need To Know...

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05 Jun 2018

By Matt Scott