When & Why a Car Accident Insurance Claim is Denied

When you are making a claim through your insurance after a car accident, you may be counting on the money coming in from that claim in order to pay your medical bills and other costs. Unfortunately, things don't always happen that way, and sometimes your insurance claim is denied. When this occurs, it is important to understand exactly why it was denied. Every situation is different, of course, but below are some common reasons that insurers give for denying claims. 

Reasons for Claim Denials

Some common reasons for insurance claim denials include:

The accident was avoidable

If you could have avoided the accident, or if you did something that led to or caused it, then you may have your insurance claim denied. This is especially true if the insurer believes that you did something that would render the policy coverage ineffective, like driving drunk at the time of the accident or letting an unlicensed driver use your car. If you find yourself in a situation in which the insurance company claims you could have avoided the car accident, it is best to talk to a lawyer since the insurance company's attorney may have interests that are directly opposite to those of your own. Read more about the When & Why a Car Accident...

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