Why advanced driver training makes teens worse drivers

It turns out that pretty much everything I thought I knew about driver training was wrong.

Like so many parents, as soon as my basement troll turned 16, I enrolled him in every driver-training course I could find. Skid control school? Check. Emergency accident avoidance techniques? Absolutely. Winter driving instruction? Get behind the wheel, sonny boy. I even got him into a — admittedly it was as much Christmas present as educational instruction — BMW Performance Driving School, which emphasized handling a car in emergency situations at high speeds. My logic — or maybe it was just the blind desperation that overwhelms every parent handing over the car keys for the very first time — was that the experience he lacked in the real world could be made up with the concentrated tutelage of track instruction.

What I accomplished — says the International Road Federation, an NGO that studies the effectiveness of driver training — was the exact opposite. Indeed, according to the IRF, my ministrations all but guaranteed he would have an accident. Read more about the Why advanced driver training...

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28 May 2018