Yogis Feel Road Rage, Too

I live in a place—Austin, Texas—where not driving is almost completely impossible, unless you are a rich jerk living downtown or have three spare hours to travel four miles by bus to the grocery store. Even the movie Cars was more hospitable to people than Austin is. So, in order to survive the endless Death Racethat is my life, I often turn to one of my favorite things: Yoga.

I’ve been practicing and studying yoga for a dozen years. It’s the guiding principle of my life, outside and inside the car. Without my yoga, I’d completely lack mental stability on the road. I’d honk at every single car that cuts me off on the highway, instead of every other car, like I do now. My back and neck would be in constant total agony instead of only partial, intermittent agony. My writing and conversation wouldn’t have the calm, Zen-like rhythms for which they’re known.

In a world where nearly everyone has to drive, we all could benefit from a little yoga. But don’t take my words for it. Let’s listen to the experts. I’ve convened a panel of some of my favorite yoga teachers who I know drive a lot. They are: Derek Beres, of Los Angeles, who is also a music producer; North Carolina’sSage Hamilton Rountree, author of several books including Everyday Yoga; and Felicia Marie Tomasko,editor of LA Yoga magazine. I prepared a questionnaire for them about yoga and cars, and they all answered, because yoga people are nice. Read full article...

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17 Apr 2017

By Neal Pollack