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Junkyard Accidentally Sells 2018 Jeep Wrangler Prototype Part to Enthusiast

by Max Prince on

After ordering online from a Detroit scrap lot, one forum user ended up with an early hands-on preview of next year’s hottest new car.... Read full article

$199 Lease Deals for Fall 2016

by John Pearley Huffman on

Making Sense of All the $199 Month Lease Deals... Read full article

$6 Billion Truck Contract. Here Are the 6 Finalists for USPS'.

by Rich Duprey on

The iconic boxy truck that looks like it was built out of Legos is getting an overhaul.... Read full article

‘We run the streets’: Video shows angry mob attacking CHP patrol car with officer still inside

by Kristine Guerra on

A police officer who responded to several calls about illegal street racing and reckless driving found himself surrounded by a mob of angry people, some of whom yelled and cursed at him while others hit and kicked his vehicle as he sat inside.... Read full article

‘I’m going to hit him’: Dash-cam video shows officers tried to run over man before shooting him 14 t

by Cleve R. Wootson Jr. on

“F— this guy,” the officer says before aiming his police cruiser at the mentally ill homeless man that he and his partner had been sent out to confront. “I”m going to hit him.”... Read full article

10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Atlanta, Georgia

by Valerie Johnston on

Automotive technicians rely on auto parts stores to add and replace car parts. The best auto parts shop in Atlanta is Mercedes-Benz Techs.... Read full article

The First Two Pontiac Firebirds Ever Built Are For Sale

by Chris Perkins on

Firebirds VIN #001 and VIN #002 will be sold as a pair... Read full article

Speed, alcohol suspected in Lamborghini crash that killed SUV driver, police say

by Rafael Olmeda on

Delray Beach police say speed and alcohol are suspected in the Lamborghini crash that killed SUV driver... Read full article

Oregon Couple Charged with Hate Crime for Allegedly Killing Black Teenager with Jeep

by Christine Pelisek on

Police found Bruce unconscious on the ground with blood coming from his head and ears," according to a police affidavit obtained by KOIN.... Read full article

Colonial Pipeline Leak Can Move Gas Prices in Atlanta, Georgia

by Nicole Friedman on

How A Pipeline Leak in Alabama Can Move Gas Prices. A key artery for transporting fuel to the East Coast is closed.... Read full article