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Five Tempting Fibs you Should Avoid Telling Your Car Insurance Company

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Insurance companies lose billions of dollars every year due to incorrect information supplied by customers.... Read full article

Settlement & Your Health Insurance Company: An Important Warning

by Tim Semelroth on

If You Are Not Careful, Your Health Insurance May Seize Money You Receive in a Car Accident Settlement... Read full article

When & Why a Car Accident Insurance Claim is Denied

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Here are some common reasons an insurance claim may be denied, and what your legal options are.... Read full article

Vehicle Accidents – How Insurance Companies Assess Fault


In almost all car accidents, it is important to prove who was responsible. While it may seem obvious who was at fault, just saying so isn’t enough for insurance companies.... Read full article

The Truth about Insurance Companies and Auto Accident Injury Claims

by Kuzyk Law, LLP on

There’s a lot that happens after an auto accident. One of those things is the claim to the insurance companies. ... Read full article

Are intensive driving lessons a good thing?

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Teenagers long to drive – and how often do you come across a patient teenager?... Read full article

Car-Rental Insurance and the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

by Rick Steves on

When you rent a car, you can be liable for a very high deductible, sometimes equal to the entire value of the car. ... Read full article

Does auto insurance cover a rental replacement car after an accident?

by Auto Insurance on

Yes—IF you have rental reimbursement on your policy... Read full article

Car insurance and the little-known world of credit hire companies

by Anna Tims on

A driver who did nothing wrong found herself drawn into a legal action over the £4,000 hire of a courtesy vehicle... Read full article