This is our 12th year in Atlanta and we are expecting a huge turnout. As usual the Atlanta Motor Speedway will host the event, and this year will be better than ever. Last year’s Spring Meet was the largest ImportAlliance event ever. We had almost 9000 cars and twice that many people in attendance. This year we are working hard to make it even better.

How are we going to make it better than ever…? The answer is with new programming. This year will feature the IA Builder Competition with participants competing to win recognition as one of the top three cars at the Spring Meet. As always we will have the ImportAlliance Showcase which seems to bring out better and better cars every year. The ImportAlliance Drift will have tires smoking and the Drift Competition will bring the best of the best drivers in head to head competition.

With record setting numbers comes the problems of getting people into the event as quickly as possible.  So this year will also feature some major improvements to our process to help the lines into the event go more smoothly.  Infield vehicle tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis to those individuals that want to park inside the speedway.  Spectator parking will be available outside of the speedway to accommodate those individuals who want to be a part of the event but who don’t want to bring their car inside. We believe that this will make things better for everyone. You will go to the large paved lot outside to have your ticket(s) scanned and then proceed to go inside the speedway.

Individuals parking inside will stage in the large parking lot outside and have their tickets scanned and proceed inside. ALL TICKETS BOTH GENERAL ADMISSION AND INFIELD TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE.

In addition to improving the staging process we will for the first time be making it possible to pick up your armbands in multiple locations around McDonough, GA. We are partnering with local hotels and business to have advance remote pickup of all credentials to get in to the event. This will not do anything other than make the line flow faster. There is no priority for those who pick up their armbands early. However, we estimate that the time spent scanning at the gate will be significantly reduced and the lines will move faster with more people picking up their armbands in advance.

Please plan on joining us for the largest all import car meet in the United States. We guarantee you don’t want to miss it.


Sat March 28, 2020
To: Sun - March 29, 2020
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