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Cracks in the ridesharing market—and how to fill them

by McKinsey Quarterly on

For all of its remarkable growth, ridesharing is still far from ubiquitous. To boost miles traveled, the industry will need new solutions, including smarter design.... Read full article


by Gray, Ritter & Graham on

The federal government reports that over the last dozen years the number of commercial transportation workers who failed drugged tests jumped 77 percent. ... Read full article

Fatal accident should put shop safety on our agenda


Efficiency doesn't negate safety.... Read full article

Safelite auto-glass replacement practice challenged by glass-repair resin maker

by Dan Gearino on

Columbus-based Safelite is defending itself in federal court from a lawsuit challenging the company’s support for the so-called “dollar-bill rule” as a guide to determine whether to repair or replace cracked auto glass.... Read full article

Free Windshield Repair/Replacement From Your Insurance

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Repair or Replace Your Windshield the Right Way

by Philip Reed on

An Incorrect Installation Could Cost You Your Life... Read full article

Unabashedly Silly, Sensationally Fast: 2019 Lamborghini Urus Prototype Drive

by Georg Kacher on

The Urus wants to be the Huracan of SUVs. It succeeds.... Read full article

Uber halts self-driving tests after pedestrian killed in Arizona

by Andrew J. Hawkins on

A woman was killed Sunday night in Tempe.... Read full article