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2019 Honda Insight revealed, promises 50 MPG or better

by Viknesh Vijayenthiran on

Even as fuel prices are still low compared to their peaks of the last decade, automakers are ramping up production of electrified models to meet tough new fuel economy and emisisons standards, and Honda is not to be left out.... Read full article

2019 Honda Insight Preview


If you think the Toyota Prius was the first hybrid vehicle sold in the United States, that’s inaccurate.... Read full article

New Honda Insight Prototype 2019 model REVEALED - Hybrid previewed ahead of NAIAS 2018


THE all-new Honda Insight Prototype 2019 is set to make its debut next week at the Detroit Auto Show 2018.... Read full article

The Honda Accord V6 Will Die For 2018


Next year will see the launch of an all-new Accord. A V6 won't be an option.... Read full article

2018 Honda Accord: First Drive


The 10th generation Accord drops the V6, but is still the best car in its class.... Read full article

Civic brings back the hatch

by Jim Robinson on

The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback brings back the model that set the stage for the brand’s 18 years as the best selling car in Canada.... Read full article

A best-seller that's better than ever | 2017 Honda CR-V First Drive

by Jeremy Korzeniewski on

How do you improve the best-selling crossover? Incrementally.... Read full article

The time our long-term Honda HR-V didn't get into an accident

by Erin Marquis on

The world needs ditch diggers too.... Read full article

2017 Honda Accord V6 review

by Paul Maric on

The Honda Accord has received a facelift and the offering has now become even more impressive. Paul Maric jumps behind the wheel.... Read full article

Honda's NeuV CES Concept Wants to Help Its Owners Earn Money

by Liane Yvkoff on

Why not take advantage of your autonomous car's downtime by renting it out as a taxi?... Read full article