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ROAD RAGE: Mother, Daughter Attackers

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A mom and her daughter tag teamed to pummel a 20 year-old woman who is recovering from the shocking beating. Emily Bailey was driving home from work when she says she was cut off. When she pulled up to a traffic light, things escalated. That's when, she says, the mother and daughter jumped out of their car, ran over to hers and reached in through her open window. Bailey was beaten unconscious. The mom, Kelly Gamberling, 49, and her daughter, Alicia, 20, were charged with aggravated battery. Copy, paste for more road rage: See full Video



Motor Vehicle Emissions. Do we need it?

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The MVD is getting rid of its new emissions notification system, Subscribe to KOAT on YouTube now for more: Get more Albuquerque news: Like us: Follow us: Google+: See full Video



WATCH: SUV continuously rams parked vehicle in alleged Sacramento road rage

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A video swirling around Sacramento shocked many people after a vehicle is seen ramming another car multiple times during an alleged road rage incident. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: Get more Sacramento news: Like us: Follow us: Instagram: See full Video



31 Collisions Since 2000

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Durham Driver Involved in 31 Collisions Since 2000. TAG: STAYUMBL... See full Video



‘Look Before You Lock’ PSA 60 Seconds

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Uploaded on teamed up with the Fort Bend County, TX law enforcement organizations to launch a new ‘Look Before You Lock’ PSA video for TV and billboard campaign. The campaign is focused on preventing children from dying in hot cars. We are extremely impressed with this EXCELLENT campaign AND the fact that the Fort Bend County representatives have decided to share this campaign with all interested parties. A great big THANK YOU to them! Please take advantage of these professionally produced materials.... See full Video