GMC and Repossessions Gone Wild

2018 GMC Yukon Superb Features and Elegance

by Money Arora on

This model has very superb features all over right from the interior to the exterior.... Read full article

2017 GMC Acadia First Look Review

by Jason Udy on

Can a smaller three-row crossover remain a strong seller?... Read full article

2016 GMC Terrain Denali AWD First Test Review

by Jason Udy on

More style, luxury, and features for top model... Read full article

The 2019 GMC Sierra Has a Carbon-Fiber Box and a Wacky Two-Piece Tailgate


GMC's new full-sizer brings a number of firsts to the pickup-truck party.... Read full article

2021 GMC Yukon: First Look at an Off-Road-Capable Luxury SUV

by Bryon Dorr on

Our Motors editor was at the 2021 GMC Yukon reveal event in Vail, Colorado, last night. He crawled around the new vehicle and spoke with GM executives to find out all the details he could about the all-new full-size luxury SUV.... Read full article

Craziest Repo Ever

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This is what happens when you Repo an Escalade out of the hood! Make sure you watch it all the way through to see the REAL craziness!!! This is one to share for sure.... Mission Towing & Recovery in Spartanburg SC Rep Gone Wrong... See full Video



Repo Man Shot On The Job

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Repo Man Shot On The Job. Rielle Creighton reports a repo man and his assistant were fired on after repossessing a car.... See full Video