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Speed, alcohol suspected in Lamborghini crash that killed SUV driver, police say

by Rafael Olmeda on

Delray Beach police say speed and alcohol are suspected in the Lamborghini crash that killed SUV driver... Read full article

Hypercar-driving bro learns how not to impress a woman

by Brittany Vonow on

Porsche 918 Spyders, like this one in London, have 887 horsepower and cost over $800,000.... Read full article

Mercedes vs Ferrari - Parking Lot

by Nina Golgowski on

Oh, The Carnage! Ferrari Gets Crunched In Mr. Magoo-Style Parking Job... Read full article

Ford Puts the Gas on Self-Driving Cars With Planned $1 Billion Investment

by Jonathan Vanian on

Ford is taking another big step in its ambitious self-driving car project.... Read full article

Subaru Could Soon Be Testing Self-Driving Cars in California

by Kirsten Korosec on

The parent company behind Subaru—the Japanese automaker that produces the popular Outback wagon and has mastered the art of pulling on consumer heartstrings with ads featuring dogs.... Read full article

Nissan completes the Titan lineup with the 2017 King Cab

by Joel Stocksdale on

At the 2017 Chicago auto show, Nissan has finally rounded out the cab configurations for the 2017 Nissan Titan.... Read full article

Cruise Automation Is Testing a Ride-Hailing App for Self-Driving Cars

by Liane Yvkoff on

Cruise's second video shows the self-driving car company's technology—including the app being tested by employees—could be close to public trials.... Read full article

We Talked To The Tesla Model S Driver Rear-Ended By A 40-Ton Semi

by Liane Yvkoff on

The man driving this Tesla Model S tells The Drive what it feels like to go from from 0 to 40 in 0.1 seconds. Spoiler alert: It makes Ludicrous Mode feel slow.... Read full article

More Information Leaked About the Honda S2000 Replacement

by Josh Condon on

The Honda sports car would arrive on the brand's 70th anniversary, and employ an all-new powertrain and chassis.... Read full article

Luxury Car Best Buy of 2018

by Editors on

2018 Audi A5 Sportback... Read full article