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2019 MAZDA CX-3

by Robert Moore, on

Mazda’s mini-SUV got a nice little update!... Read full article

Mazda Introduces Updated 2019 CX-3 at 2018 New York International Auto Show

by Mazda Motor Corporation on

NEW YORK, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mazda Motor Corporation today introduced its updated, refined Mazda CX-3.... Read full article

Mazda Reveals Refreshed 2019 CX-3 Small SUV at New York Auto Show


Mazda presented a slightly refreshed 2019 CX-3 Small or Subcompact SUV along with its KAI Concept at the 2018 New York International Auto Show this week.... Read full article

The 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata Is Getting Optional Recaros and a Red Soft Top


As is tradition, Mazda is rolling out subtle improvements to the Miata.... Read full article

Mazda Might Give the MX-5 Miata 26 More Horsepower For 2019


Regulatory documents suggest the 2019 MX-5 Miata will go from 155 horsepower to 181, a huge power increase for the lightweight sports car.... Read full article

He said/she said: 2016 Mazda MX-5

by Dan Heyman & Lacey Elliot on

The Miata, now officially called the MX-5 has been—and still is—one of my favorite cars. Numerous awards, updates and design changes and this little car just keeps getting better.... Read full article

Buying Used: 2013-16 Mazda CX-5

by Mark Toljagic on

Overall, the poor owner reviews are far outnumbered by stellar ones, and the deficiencies are more nitpicky than deal breakers. The Mazda CX-5 is a worthy used buy.... Read full article

Mazda6 a strong presence in competitive sedan market

by Mike Johnston on

My week with the Mazda6 convinced me this vehicle is one that deserves to be in the conversation when pondering a family sedan.... Read full article