RV: Cooking Scotch Eggs In Our Tiny RV Kitchen

In this video I will do a step by step tutorial on how to make Scotch Eggs in our tiny RV Kitchen! Be sure to leave you comments in the comment section below and share our channel on our social media outlets. :-). Subscribe for more updates! Follow our adventures and challenges that we experience living in an RV! Please subscribe to this channel if you find the information helpful or just plain fun to watch. :-). We hope you enjoy this life as much as we do! You can also follow me at my other channels: The Silver Crown -Transition Back To Natural Grey Hair www.youtube.com/channel/UCSrJ8VzjcXYX5ME7Cm0N4ew Facebook www.facebook.com/apostle.coutts Instagram www.instagram.com/enuffgrace/ Twitter www.twitter.com/enuffgrace www.patricia-coutts.blogspot.com

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