RV Living Full Time - 101 Questions and Answers!

RV Living Full Time 101 Q & A's! TIP: WATCH AT 1.25 SPEED (time stamps below) Click "SHOW MORE" for links to our favorite RV resources, gadgets, gear, & FREE stuff! - FREE Quick Start Guide: How to Make Money & RV http://enjoythejourney.life/newsletter - Cheri's official BEACH TRIBE apparel! Join now! https://teespring.com/beach-tribe - Tom's official MOUNTAIN TRIBE apparel! Join now! https://teespring.com/mountain-tribe - SHOP OUR AMAZON STORE https://www.amazon.com/shop/enjoythej... ********** OUR INSIDER COMMUNITY ********** Join our insider community for secret, unpublished videos, real-time updates, behind the scenes, more bloopers (yes, there’s more!), free courses & book & more http://enjoythejourney.life/insiders ********** TIME STAMPS & LINKS FOR THIS VIDEO ********** Time stamps: Health, prescriptions, dental, etc.: 1:05 RV tips, warranties, tires & more: 5:40 RV lifestyle, kids, age, solo, etc.: 24:48 Youtube: 47:20 RV living traveling, safety, campsites, etc.: 55:23 RV & money, jobs, budget, etc.: 1:15:15 RV kitchen, cooking, eating healthy: 1:19:36 We get personal, relationships & more: 1:21:33 RV mistakes & regrets: 1:38:30 CAN'T MISS HILARIOUS BLOOPERS!: 1:42:28 RV Tire Video: https://youtu.be/AvokoM_tHk0 We Got Robbed: https://youtu.be/Vn9wgPjIG70 How Do We Make Money? https://youtu.be/x3jDWgYGjZ8 RV Share: https://rvshare.com/rv/airbnb-for-rvs RV Inspections: https://nrvia.org/ Our RV Tour: https://youtu.be/4vmZc4sx-7Y RV Nomads Movie: https://rvnomadsthemovie.com/ Towing restrictive states: http://rvlife.com/rv-triple-towing-laws/ How we get mail: https://ipostal1.com/ RV dumpsites and water: https://rvdumpsites.net/ ********** SOCIAL: Follow us & share with your friends ********** Join our Patreon Insider Community: https://www.patreon.com/EnjoyTheJourn... Subscribe to our newsletter for updates: http://enjoythejourney.life/newsletter Join our Facebook Group: http://enjoythejourney.life/group Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EnjoyTheJour... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enjoythejou... Website: http://enjoythejourney.life/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://enjoythejourney.life/YouTube ********** OUR FAVORITE RV RESOURCES ********** FAVORITE RV PARKING FINDERS! Low Bridges & Find Every Camp Spot - http://enjoythejourney.life/allstays FREE RV parking: http://geni.us/boondockers RV FREE at wineries, breweries & more: http://geni.us/winedock Save 50% on 1000’s of campsites! http://enjoythejourney.life/HalfOffCa... Our FAVORITE shopping App! Save $100’s when you shop! http://enjoythejourney.life/ibotta BEST Health Insurance replacement for RVer's: https://www.chministries.org/default.... If you sign up, please put my name and member number (Cheri Meeks CHM#390247) on your application. I’ll get a free month of membership if you become a member. Thank you! :) ********** OUR FAVORITE RV GADGETS & GEAR ********** It takes a lot of gear to make RV living comfortable and more efficient. Check out our favorite gear (and fun stuff) that we use to enjoy the RV life - https://www.amazon.com/shop/enjoythej... ********** CHERI'S FAVORITE RV KITCHEN GADGETS ********** Cheri loves to cook healthy food, which is sometimes a challenge in an RV. Check out her favorite RV kitchen gadgets that help get the job done - https://www.amazon.com/shop/enjoythej... ********** OUR WORK/VIDEO GEAR ********** Want to know what equipment we are using to make videos like this one while traveling full time - https://www.amazon.com/shop/enjoythej... FREE YouTube Channel success tools we use - http://enjoythejourney.life/YouTubeSu... ********** LEARN FROM US ********** BOOKS: Get Tom's best-selling book FREE on Audible! http://geni.us/fansonfireaudio or Kindle and Paperback http://geni.us/order ONLINE COURSES: How To Pick The Right Business to Start for You! http://geni.us/startup Entrepreneurs Guide To Finance Your Business or Startup In 2018 http://geni.us/finance Google, Facebook, Yelp Review Marketing Entrepreneurs 2018 http://geni.us/marketing Thank you so much for using our links! Tom & Cheri’ :) ********** CONTACT US ********** Email: [email protected] Mail Bag: Lake Effect Media 14870 Granada Avenue #1037 Apple Valley, MN 55124 Tom & Cheri, Full-time RV travelers sharing our adventures (and challenges), advice and more from the road. Inspiring others to do it now and live life on their terms, a life of freedom and adventure.

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