Repossessions Gone Wild, Sign Twirlers and Volkswagen

2006 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 T For Sale

2006 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 T For Sale

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Contact: Simon (786) 296-9344

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$ 2,000

Miami, Florida
United States

Craziest Repo Ever

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This is what happens when you Repo an Escalade out of the hood! Make sure you watch it all the way through to see the REAL craziness!!! This is one to share for sure.... Mission Towing & Recovery in Spartanburg SC Rep Gone Wrong... See full Video



Sign Spinning... A Street Sport

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”I was in marching band in high school, so… I’m pretty sure this is my calling.” Special Thanks: AArrow Sign Spinners Instagram: @aarrowsignspinners Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! GET MORE BUZZFEED BUZZFEED BLUE Bite-size knowledge for a big world from the BuzzFeed crew. New facts, hacks, and how-to videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedBlue today! MUSIC Victorious Powerhouse Shining Life Licensed via Audio Network SFX provided by Audioblocks. ( Made by BFMP See full Video